Buenas Prácticas (Ecuador)

The Río Muchacho Organic Farm:responsible tourism


Rio Muchacho is nestled in a small valley on the coast of Ecuador, 40 minutes north of Bahia de Caraquez Ecocity and 15 minutes from the popular beach town of Canoa. This organic farm is one of only two on the coast of Ecuador, compared to over 275 inland.

Rio Muchacho is 11 hectares make up the sustainable farm and learning center based on agroecology /permaculture principles. The property incorporates food forests with large vegetable gardens, pasture, agroforestry areas, models of alternative energy, rotational animal raising areas and a meditation/yoga garden overlooking the river. There are over a hundred crops rotated throughout the year. The farm balances as a home to many pigs, chickens, dogs, ducks, cats, goats, composting worms, cows, guinea pigs, horses, and of course humans with the vegetation.

The farm has accommodationa for up to 50 people curious about how to relate to the earth in a rejuvenating way for both members involved. The cabañas, work structures, and main house are all constructed from primarily local materials with one to ten beds which house guests such as Ecuadorian students, short and long term volunteers (both national and foreign), tourists, volunteer groups, and permaculture students. The farm also has a workshop, where visitors have the opportunity to make crafts with local materials.

Visitors to the farm come to just enjoy the peace of the countryside, the local culture, fresh organic food and sustainable living or to do one of the tours or programs offered by the farm. Ecotourism is an important component which helps support the community environmental education and the farm offers fun 1-3 day tours, Spanish courses and cultural exchanges which include a bit of everything.

The farm has an important role in education and three times a year, an intensive one month Permaculture Design course is offered, along with 1-14 day courses for local farmers, students and teachers.

There is always a colorful blend of locals, tourists, students and volunteers all sharing their experiences, skills and abilities… for many it is an experience of a lifetime

Best practices

  • Permaculture
  • Organic farming
  • Garbage reduction
  • Biogas
  • Solar Porwer
  • Alternative Pumping
  • Water recyling

for more information click here


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